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Week of May 28-Jun 3, 2010
QCFSBO® #2 Website
24 6
Week of Mar 26-Apr 1, 2010
QCFSBO® #2 Website
34 9
Week of Mar 5-11, 2010
QCFSBO® #2 Website
37 8
Week of Feb 26-Mar 4, 2010
QCFSBO® #2 Website
25 5

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distinct FSBO listings only

. . . Most Popular & Successful FSBO Website in QCA

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    QCFSBO®.com - Most Popular FSBO Destination in the QCA

Through the years countless successful sellers and buyers have learned that the place to go to sell or buy FSBO homes is the one and only 100% FSBO website of the Quad Cities ... QCFSBO®.com. From their repeated success we were not only able to grow into the most successful FSBO website in the Quad Cities but indeed one of the most successful FSBO websites in the United States.

However, our customers continue to get mailings from far smaller local websites claiming to provide more exposure than QCFSBO®.com! So we decided to compile listing data from these other local websites on a weekly basis. The information we gathered is quite revealing but you are probably not going to be surprised by these statistics if you are a regular visitor to our website. The graph shown below is a comparison of listing data between QCFSBO®.com and #2 website in the QCA. We have not included other even smaller websites because their listing volume is statistically insignificant for comparison purposes.

QCFSBO.com vs #2 Website in the QCA

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  • 2007 Weekly Listing Volume Snapshot

FSBO Listing Volume Chart

QCFSBO is the preferred website for more than 2 out of every 3 FSBO Sellers in the QCA
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Chart based on data collected from QCFSBO and #2 website in QCA on the last business day of every week. The time period covered is week 1 through 42 of 2007. "FSBO Listing Numbers" do not include any property listed on the MLS since QCFSBO does not list any property that is listed by a Realtor or on the MLS. This ensures an accurate comparison of FSBO exposure in the QCA on these two websites.
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#2 Website in QCA
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May 19 - May 25
May 26 - Jun 1
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Jun 30 - Jul 6
Snapshot based on data collected from QCFSBO and #2 website in QCA on the last business day of every week. The time period shown here is 12 weeks between April 14 through July 6, 2007. "FSBO Listing Numbers" do not include any property listed on the MLS since QCFSBO does not list any property that is listed by a Realtor or on the MLS. This ensures an accurate comparison of FSBO exposure in the QCA on these two websites.






Popularity Leads to More Exposure

In the world of advertising, popularity inevitably leads to more exposure. It is true in all forms of media, whether you are advertising on TV, Radio or the Internet.Take Quad City Radio Group's WLLR radio station for example. another happy customerYou may not be a fan of country music, but as an advertiser you cannot afford to ignore their rating numbers in the QCA. You are going to get the maximum benefit out of your advertising dollars if you go with the most popular radio station! Same thing is true with every other media outlet.

For Buyers and Sellers alike, using the site with the highest number of new listings added on a weekly basis is of unquestionable advantage. Buyers are naturally drawn to QCFSBO®.com because they are provided with a constantly changing choice of new listings to select from. Sellers know that their property will be seen by more Buyers when on QCFSBO®. As we have detailed in this article about best exposure in the QCA, QCFSBO®.com welcomed an average of over 97,700 unique visitors to our website every month in 2007 (Unique Visitor Count is the principal metrics recognized & used by companies worldwide, including Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft, to monitor Internet traffic and set their online advertisement rate.)

Sold Section - A Caveat Emptor

As we have said elsewhere on this site, "Sold" section on QCFSBO®.com is a reference tool for Sellers, Buyers and area Appraisers who use its complete and detailed information for ‘comparables’ in their pricing research. Unlike all other local websites, it was not meant to be a brag section since we do not even include all sold properties in any given calendar year. We do not want viewers to look at it as an indicator of how successful our website is. However, if you do want to use it as a metrics of our effectiveness, then we feel certain facts should be brought to your attention. Every local website, except QCFSBO®, lists FSBO and Realtor listed properties. However, when it comes to listing them on their sold section, they carefully remove all pertinent information so a viewer has no clue as to how many of these sold properties were in fact listed and sold by area Realtors. If you have access to the MLS, you will see many properties that are marked "Sold by Owner" on one of these sites were in fact listed on the MLS by QCA Realtors and sold by them. MLS record will tell you the name of the agent and exactly how much the listing commission was in each case. Unfortunately, most viewers in the QCA do not have access to the MLS and would not know the truth!

As a FSBO seller, you should be only concerned with the success rate of FSBO properties on a website you are considering. Obviously, if you cannot tell that by looking at these websites because FSBO properties are mixed with Realtor listings, then you are not getting the best possible exposure there.

To illustrate this, we have included below the nature and content of "Sold" section of QCFSBO®.com and #2 Website in the QCA as follows:

QCFSBO®.com The flow chart shows only one possible scenario by which a property sold on our website will appear in our "Sold" section
#2 Website - Scenario 1 It includes the Realtor listings which are advertised on this site. Some are marked as 'Sold by Realtor' but, as we stated above, many listings that are marked as 'Sold by Owner' on this site were actually properties listed by Realtors on the MLS and sold by them but you cannot tell if you look at these properties on this site!
#2 Website - Scenario 2 It includes all those properties which stay online until sold, even when they are listed with Realtors. In other words, these properties are guaranteed to show up as "sold" on this site regardless of how they sell. Unless a Seller withdraws from the market, every property will eventually sell! The question is what does it tell you about the efficacy of this website for FSBO's? Absolutely nothing!
#2 Website - Scenario 3 FSBO properties selling as FSBO. Similar to QCFSBO®.com except we do not list every sold property in our "Sold" section, this site does.

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  • #2 Site-Scenario 1
  • #2 Site-Scenario 2
  • #2 Site-Scenario 3
QCFSBO vs Others
Sold Page Content on
Sold Page Content on
#2 Website in QCA
If you are trying to compare the "success rate" of these two websites by looking at the "sold" section, then you should click on the tabs above to see the true nature and contents of these sold pages.
Realtor sells property
FSBO sells with Realtor
FSBO sells property

Looks Can Be Deceiving

There are lots of little tricks of the trade to give the ‘appearance’ of a website with more inventory. If you are comparing websites to decide where to list, you should be aware of these tricks of the trade

• When listing several lots in one subdivision with one seller we place all advertised lots in one link. This allows the buyer to ‘get the whole picture’ rather than having to click around. For some websites though it can mean as many as 20-50 additional listings if they advertise these with individual links. And they do!

• Another trick of the trade is to list properties as both commercial and residential. Take a Duplex, list it as commercial (since it could be used as income producing real estate for the investor) and as residential. Presto... 1 property becomes 2 listings.

• Lots meant for single family homes are often advertised by other sites as both residential properties and in the ‘lots’ section. Again, giving the appearance of a bulked up site. So, of course, when one of those properties sells one could consider it as two “solds” since the identical property sold by one individual was represented twice on the same site.

• Pay once and stay online until sold - websites offering these types of listings, as we said earlier, are guaranteed to have them in their "sold" section. The listing can start as FSBO and can go through one or several Realtors before it sells. All the website has to do is nothing. It will eventually show up in their "sold" stats! You can almost hear the voice of Dana Carvey's Church Lady character from SNL in the background .... "How Convenient"

The question is whether those kind of "solds" truly reflect the true success of a website? Of course not. If you are a prospective client, you really have no idea how successful this site truly is for FSBO sellers.

And Finally ... The Trust Factor

The property you are trying to sell is one of the major investments in your life unless you are a professional builder or you fix up homes and sell them for a living. In any case it is important to go with a company you can trust. You should be able to believe what they are telling you about their track record and yes, even their “success stories”!

However, there are companies in the QCA who are boldly falsifying public records. Take this website in Illinois for example. This company is boldly declaring on its website and radio ads that they have been “successfully helping Quad City sellers advertise their property for sale” since 1999! Where did the year 1999 come from? We can only guess! Could it be because QCFSBO®.com was registered in March, 1999 and they want to show they have been around as long as us?

There is, however, one little problem with this story! This website did not exist in 1999! The domain name was not registered until April 28, 2000 and the website was launched long after that.
[Click here to see its domain registration record or view a PDF file]

How does this company help Quad City Sellers advertise their property on its website since 1999 when the website did not even exist in 1999? The issue here is not about falsifying records by a few months. The issue here is whether you can trust anything this company tells you when they cannot even be truthful about their very existence? Think about it!


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