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QCFSBO®.com - only one with an office in the QCA

We are the only local 100% Internet based professional FSBO company with a real Brick and Mortar presence in the Quad Cities, fully staffed with customer service representatives during business hours. Every other web site, except one which is primarily a newspaper operation, is essentially run by one individual or a couple working out of their homes.

Benefits of Enterprise Class Phone System & Experienced Customer Service Staff

The benefits of our brick and mortar presence to our sellers and area buyers are numerous. With our state of the art Automated Call Distribution (ACD) System software, multiple phone calls are intelligently routed and handled promptly by our experienced staff. If you call during business hours, your call will be answered. Calls coming in during the weekend or on holidays will be promptly returned the next business day. Even with much smaller customer base, it is almost impossible for home based businesses run by one or two individuals to answer every call coming in during business hours and extremely difficult to return all calls in a timely manner. Remember, they have to take your pictures, create web pages and maintain their web sites in addition to customer service that you expect and deserve. Unless you are fond of phone tags, you are never going to get the same level of service from home based businesses that you can get from fully staffed professional operation like ours at QCFSBO®. Our professional customer service representatives have years of experience. They are there just for that purpose. They do not moonlight as photographers or web site designers. While we commend those individuals who do everything by themselves but you, as a customer, must suffer as a result of these one-person operations. Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in a day!

Although our primary function is Internet advertisement, we are always happy to answer phone calls from interested parties driving by a house. Many people do not want to wait to get back to a computer to find out the price and some other details they are looking for. They call our office and we are happy to give them some answers and the seller’s phone numbers. Just one more way customer service representatives at QCFSBO® serve our sellers and area buyers.

Person to Person Contact

QCFSBO® Customers

Many of our customers are quite comfortable conducting their business over the phone but for many being able to have their questions and concerns addressed in a face to face environment is still preferable. Whether it is regarding a new advertisement, changes, re-listing, bringing a sign back or paying for renewals, our friendly staff is looking forward to serving you in a convenient and expedient manner.

Even Little Things Take Forever

Customer gets refund back immediately

When you are dealing with home based businesses, even little tasks, like returning a yard sign, become a chore and time consuming. If you have to return a sign to QCFSBO®, all you have to do is stop by our office during business hours. Upon return, your sign will be inspected immediately by QCFSBO® office staff. A refund check is issued right away if the sign is returned in a satisfactory condition. Can you expect the same convenience with a home based business? No, you cannot. With one of the home based operation in Illinois, you need to take the sign to an office in Moline and then wait 7-10 days to receive a refund check in the mail! That's right, 7-10 days!

We host educational seminars on our premises for both buyers and sellers. Hundreds of area buyers and sellers have attended and benefited from these informative seminars.

For many years now, QCFSBO® has advertised its website and services consistently. Our large customer base and popularity allows us to have a substantial annual ad budget. We advertise on radio every week. We are on WOC, WLLR, 93.5, and Mix 96. Our presence on the radio benefits our customers tremendously! When was the last time you heard or saw any of the ‘other guys’ advertise on a regular basis?

Need to Get the Job Done Quickly? Simply Stop By . . .

Want to know how much traffic you are getting on your listing? Just call or stop by our office! We are the only company that will give the seller accurate information as to the exact number of ‘hits’ on their listing. Our stats are generated by a our staff is always there to help youthird party software installed by our service provider and we have no means of changing the stats manually. So you are going to get an accurate comparative picture. How one is doing in comparison to others in the same price range and location is an excellent indicator of market interest in a property. Again, you do not need to worry about the possibility of playing phone tags to find your answer. Talk to a "live" person or simply stop by our office.

You can pay for your listings and renewals over the phone or stop by the office to pay with credit cards, personal checks or cash.

Need to fill out the forms right away? Stop by our office to pick them up and fill them out while you are here and hand them over to our staff!

Our business hours are 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM (M-F). Our friendly and professional customer service staff is always here to answer your questions and take care of your business.


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